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I’ll never be in Doctor Who – and Star Wars 7 is out too

Fanboys and girls hoping for a Sherlock/Doctor Who TV mash-up are out of luck, it seems, following Benedict Cumberbatch’s pronouncement that he will never star in the long-running BBC sci-fi series.

Cumberfans have long hoped the Sherlock star would turn up in Doctor Who, with many suggesting he should one day play the Doctor himself and others tipping him to play his Time Lord adversary the Master. The fact that Steven Moffat is both showrunner on Doctor Who and co-creator of Sherlock has only served to fan the flames of speculation.

But now Cumberbatch himself appears to have put the idea to bed once and for all, telling an audience at Oz Comic-Con this morning “I’m never gonna play the Doctor – and nothing to do with the Whoniverse.”

Cumberbatch also appeared to lay to rest on-off rumours that he will work again under Star Trek: Into Darkness director JJ Abrams in his upcoming Star Wars movie, telling fans – according to Australian entertainment site The Iris – “I would’ve liked a part in JJ’s new Star Wars but it won’t happen, sadly.”


2014 Laureus World Sports Awards

Added 20 HQ photos of Benedict at the 2014 Laureus World Sports Awards. Photo credit.

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Amazing Grace screen caps

I have capped and added over 500 screen caps from the film Amazing Grace. Benedict plays William Pitt.

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Lewis Hamilton quizzed by Sherlock actor Benedict Cumberbatch on podium after Malaysian GP win

After an incident-free Malaysian Grand Prix, it was the bizarre sight of Sherlock actor Benedict Cumberbatch interviewing race winner Lewis Hamilton that become the main talking point in Sepang.


The Brit completed a pole-to-flag victory to complete a Mercedes one-two in the second race of the F1 season, yet the presence of Cumberbatch joining the leading drivers on the podium caused much head-stratching.

Cumberbatch, who watched from the Mercedes garage during the race and was also trackside during qualifying on Saturday was cool, calm and extremely composed as he took a break from his day job to quiz Hamilton on his victory.

“That was Incredible. After such a difficult weekend, a long winter, for such a great crowd, I feel so grateful,” Hamilton said.

“After such a tragedy a few weeks ago I dedicate this win to those people and their families.

“What a great car and what a great job from everyone.”

Cumberbatch then moved over to Hamilton’s Mercedes team-mate and probed Nico Rosberg who finished second.

“I got a great start and from then on I tried to chase Lewis, but he was a bit too quick,” said Rosberg.

Four-time defending world champion Sebastian Vettel was powerless to catch Rosberg in his Red Bull and he finished third, with Ferrari’s Fernando Alonso fourth and Nico Hulkenberg fifth for Force India.

The win was sweet for Hamilton, who has not topped the podium since Hungary last July and retired early at the season-opener in Australia, setting back his bid for a second world title.

Jaguar #GoodToBeBad

Benedict has now joined other British actors in advertising Jaguar. The previous advert included Brit actors Tom Hiddleston, Mark Strong and Ben Kingsley. Although we do not see Benedict driving one of these beauties we can certainly hear him.

Magazine scans

I have scanned a bunch of magazines published in 2013 and 2014. Check out the list below:

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Radar May 2013
Empire February 2013
Empire May 2013
Spectrum May 2013
TV Mag May 2013
T March 2014

‘Sherlock’s’ Benedict Cumberbatch to play Hamlet on London stage in 2015

For “Sherlock” star Benedict Cumberbatch, the play’s the thing going into 2015. The actor has committed to play Hamlet in the play of the same name at London’s Barbican Theatre.

The Daily Mail first published the news, adding that the famed Shakespeare play would be directed by Lyndsey Turner. Both star and director are in high demand these days, one of the presumed causes of the delay of more than a year.

It is expected that the play will open in August 2015 with a 12-week run. Cumberbatch has reported committed to an additional six weeks of rehearsal and preparation time.

This isn’t Cumberbatch’s first trip to the stage. He previously appeared in the National Theatre production of “Frankenstein,” directed by Danny Boyle.

Hopefully, the play won’t keep Cumberbatch away from a new season of “Sherlock” — fans of that show might protest at the stage if that happened.



I am away on holiday from today until Saturday so there won’t be any updates until my return.

Magazine scans

I have scanned in HQ, Russian Playboy issue 13 (2013) and GQ Style UK (Spring-Summer 2014).

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GQ Style magazine

Benedict is featured in the latest British GQ Style magazine. Inside there is a photo shoot of him with actress Alice Eve who acted with Benedict in Star Trek: Into Darkness. Cumberbatchweb have the following scans. I will be getting this magazine and will be adding HQ scans to the gallery very soon. Stay tuned!


Watch Benedict Photobomb!

You saw the photos of Benedict photobombing U2 at the Oscars, now you can watch the hilarious moment in its entirety.  19 seconds of fun!


Sherlock 2016 delay


You don’t need a magnifying glass to see that Sherlock is one of the hottest shows out there today. However, the show is in danger of letting those embers die, by taking too much time off. In a move that makes the producers of Batman Vs Superman seem competent, Sherlock Series 4 has been delayed until 2016. That seems like an awful long time to wait for three measly episodes. Meanwhile, the show’s star, Benedict Cumberbatch is unsure if we will ever see a Season 5.

Talk about your time management problems. Sherlock star’s Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman have apparently become so popular that are too busy to film three episodes in less than two years. For the second time, the show will be taking a two year break.

Sherlock producer and writer, Steven Moffat, recently spoke with IGN about when to expect Series 4:

“I have no idea…Sue’s working on the schedules right now…If people have to wait two years, they’ll have to wait two years.”

And it is looking like that is just what is going to happen.

The mystery still remains if the show will ever see a Season 5. Co-creator Mark Gatiss spoke about the issue, at an event by the Royal Television Society, telling reporters:

“The idea of growing older with it would be great. But it is hard to get everyone back together, because they have become extremely famous–except for us.”

The show’s star Benedict Cumberbatch made some very similar comments last year, telling The Radio Times UK:

“It just depends on Martin and I’s availability, how long we can keep it going. It depends on Steven’s ability. I’d love to keep it going.”


T Magazine cover

Benedict is gracing the 9th March T Magazine cover. There is a great interview and some gorgeous photos to go with it! I have taken some interesting extracts from it below.


The Time cover had just hit the newsstands, and Cumberbatch was slightly freaked out. “It’s one of the more bizarre levels of success,” he said. At first he thought it was fake. “Someone sent me a photograph of it and I thought, ‘Some fan has got hold of a photo and done one of those neat apps where they impose your head on something,’ ” he said. Also, he had had an exciting experience on a British talk show, when Harrison Ford, a fellow guest, emerged from his taciturnity to announce that he loved him as Holmes. This has been happening to Cumberbatch a lot lately, fellow actors declaring themselves fans, such as when Ted Danson saw him through a crowd of stars at a pre-awards party recently and began shouting “Sherlock!” A few days earlier, he had wrapped his most recent movie, a biopic of the British cryptographer Alan Turing. Cumberbatch talked for a long time about the tragedy of Turing’s life and about what has been a series of very intense roles, heavy on iconic fictional characters and real people. “I am so ready to play a really dumb character,” he said.

09mens-well-cumberbatch1-blog533 09mens-well-cumberbatch2-blog533

As good a sport as Cumberbatch is, he sometimes finds it a bit too much. Filming “Sherlock” last year in Cardiff, Wales, he had an awkward interlude when he had to walk from his trailer to his car wearing a costume that, had anyone seen it, might have become a major plot spoiler. When he failed in his efforts to get a particularly persistent paparazzo not to photograph him, Cumberbatch shrouded himself in a hoodie (“I looked like Kenny in ‘South Park’”) and held up a sign he had hastily fashioned that said: “Go photograph Egypt and show the world something important.” The move was lampooned by the British newspapers, particularly when, to the delight of hundreds of fans massed on the street in London for another shoot, Cumberbatch did it again, this time with signs printed with provocative questions about democracy, government intrusion, journalism and the battle between liberty and security in the war on terror. “These are very complex questions and very difficult arguments to be very clear about, so to ask the questions is to stimulate the debate,” he explained. He has not done it since, though, he said, “I felt really strongly about it at the time.”


Atonement screen caps

Added the screen caps of Benedict from Atonement.

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The Fifth Estate screen caps

I have added to the gallery screen caps from The Fifth Estate, Benedict plays Julian Assange.

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