Hamlet Stage Door Fan Photos 31st August

Thanks to Lou and Sophie we now have some up close fan photos of Benedict at the stage door last night.

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ISSUU Shakespeare Magazine

Hamlet Stage Door Fan Photos 28th August

Thanks to Ginger Carrot for sharing her photos of Benedict from the stage door on Friday night.

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Fan Photos Hamlet Stage Door 27th August

We have some lovely photos of Benedict taken by some fans last night. First up we have a lovely photo of Professor Rose with Benedict and she has also written a review of Hamlet and you can read that here. Next Melissa has taken a great photo of Benedict signing some autographs.

melissadidea professorrose

If you have taken photos of Benedict at the stage door and wouldn’t mind letting us share them then please email us. We will credit you to your Twitter or Instagram in the album gallery description.

On a side note a fan posted this on Twitter last night of something Benedict had said to her.

Obviously Benedict signing for the fans is a privilege and not a right. He does not have to sign for the fans at stage door, therefore I expect this practice to slow down on his part, as I imagine this to be extremely tiring for him. The fact he has been doing this most nights shows he has a heart of gold.

Fan Video of Benedict at the Stage Door 27th August

Thanks to Zagarosh, we have a lovely fan video of Benedict signing at the stage door last night.

A video posted by Davide Sette (@zagarosh) on

Hamlet Stage Door Fan Photos 26th August

I have some fan photos of Benedict at the stage door last night. Thanks to Natalie MidwinterCorkybatch and Bumblebee Candybatch for allowing us to show them in our gallery. Click on the links to view the photos.

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Hamlet Press Night After Party photos

I have added 17 photos from last nights Hamlet Press night after party. Benedict’s family and friends were in attendance last night including Mark Gatiss, Martin Freeman, Amanda Abbington as well as his wife Sophie Hunter. The press were there and here are some of their reviews, The Guardian, The Telegraph, HeatWorld, BBC news, Evening Standard. Bit of a mixed bag and its obviously down to personal interpretation. At least they can all agree on Benedict as Hamlet.

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New Hamlet stills released

Sonia Friedman Productions have released more stills from Hamlet today. See them in the gallery here.

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Fan Photos Hamlet Stage Door Matinee 22nd August

We have some gorgeous photos of Benedict taken by Ginger Carrot after the stage matinee performance on Saturday. If you have any fan photos of Benedict and not just the Hamlet stage door we will be happy to display them here for other fans enjoyment. Please e-mail us.

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Fan Photos 21st August / 22nd August + Matinee

We have some more lovely fan photos from the stage door from Friday and Saturday night. Thanks for letting us share them in our gallery. First up, Yasammez from the 21st August, Katumberbatch from the 22nd Matinee performance and again Yasammez  and from the 22nd August evening performance. Lovely of Benedict to sign twice yesterday for the fans.

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Fan Photos Hamlet Stage Door 20th August

Lea Alén and KatjaSherlocked have given us permission to show their photos of Benedict from the stage door last night. You can check out some more fan photos from other dates in the gallery here.

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Hamlet Stage Door Fan Photos 19th August

We have got some more fan photo contributions to the site of Benedict at the stage door of the Barbican last night. We have some lovely up close photos from Ania B and some from Gabriela’s Dad who came from Brazil to see the play. You can see a snippet about that story below. Thanks kindly for allowing us to show these photos on the site.


Gallery Activation fixed

It has come to my attention that there was an issue with the gallery registration link activations. This should have been fixed now and you can now register and check out the photos. Please let me know if you are having any issues.

Fan Photos Hamlet Stage Door 17th/18th August

We have kindly been granted permission to have these wonderful fan photos of Benedict taken outside the stage door over the last couple of days.

If you have met Benedict, feel free to e-mail us your photos. Your name will be credited in the gallery and we love to share these wonderful moments with other fans. If you do send some in please let us know the date they were taken, as Benedict sometimes wears similar shirts and it can be a nightmare trying to work out which day the photos were taken.

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17th August – Delena

18th August – Sassech

18th August – Crystal Noll

18th August – Shari Duffy

August Osage County screen caps

I have added over 300 Blu Ray screen caps of Benedict from the 2013 film.

026 108 183 299

The Taming of the Shrew school photo

The Sunday Times have released a photo of Benedict at Harrow school from the 1994’s production of ‘The Taming of the Shrew’.  Benedict is in the front row, fifth from the right. Look at that parting!



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