Benedict Cumberbatch is among a group of actors to voice their opposition to the Government’s plans to scrap the Human Rights Act. The Sherlock star, Homeland’s David Harewood, Game Of Thrones actress Indira Varma, Vanessa Redgrave and Simon Callow have appeared in short films based on experiences of people who have relied on the legislation.

Plans to replace the Act with a British bill of rights are expected to be persued by David Cameron’s Government.

Cumberbatch said: “Our Human Rights Act belongs to all of us. It’s not for politicians to pick and choose when they apply or who deserves protection.

“Repealing it will mean less protection against state abuse or neglect, and weaken the rights of every single one of us – and the vulnerable most of all.”

Varma said: “Our Human Rights Act protects every one of us – young or old, wealthy and poor, civilian or soldier.

“It is a cause for pride and celebration, not a pawn in a dangerous political game. It is ours and no one is taking it from us without a fight.”
Callow said: “The Human Rights Act is one of the few laws that enables us to hold the powerful to account.

“No surprise then that the Government wants to scrap it. The Act is a triumph of British values; we abandon it at our peril.”

Cases involving the Act which are featured in the films include:
The securing of a fresh inquest into the death of Corporal Anne-Marie Ellement, who committed suicide two years after she alleged that she was raped.

A ruling that Poole Borough Council, which spied on Jenny Paton and her family to check if they were living in the right school catchment area, breached their right to privacy. The clips were created as part of Liberty’s Save Our Human Rights Act campaign.

The group’s director Shami Chakrabarti, said: “These films tell just a few of the stories of our Human Rights Act giving a voice to some of the most vulnerable people in our country.

“Soldiers, journalists, victims of rape, domestic violence and slavery all found justice thanks to Churchill’s Legacy.

“Government plans to scrap the Act play populist games with hard-won freedoms and undermine the United Kingdom at home and abroad.”


Great Performers: 9 kisses

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May 25th, 2015

The New York Times did short films of ‘Great Performers’ entitled: 9 kisses in 2014 and Benedict was performing his kiss with Reece Witherspoon. The photo shoot is in the gallery already but here is the short film below, which we hadn’t previously posted.

Starter for Ten screen caps

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May 24th, 2015

I have added 125 screen caps of Benedict in the 2006 film ‘Starter For Ten’ playing Patrick Watts.

013 064 090 108

Red Nose Day US Video

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May 22nd, 2015

Benedict popped up on the US version of Red Nose Day and you can see him in the video below at 1:50:

Mr Cumberbatch said: It is a very emotional moment … It is a searing vindication of freedom of speech.”

A leading concert pianist has won the right to publish a harrowing account of extreme sexual abuse at his prep school as Britain’s highest court decisively rejected the idea that fear of causing distress or offence to others should be allowed to limit free speech.

The Supreme Court ruled that James Rhodes has every right to “tell the world” about his ordeal “in all its searing detail”.

Five Justices, including the President, Lord Neuberger, quashed a temporary ban on publishing parts of the book which had been secured by his ex-wife who feared that the graphic detail could cause psychological harm to their young son.

Five Justices, including the President, Lord Neuberger, quashed a temporary ban on publishing parts of the book which had been secured by his ex-wife who feared that the graphic detail could cause psychological harm to their young son.

Significantly, they ruled that although the Mr Rhodes argued persuasively that the book would help other victims, he should not have to make a public interest case to justify it at all.

“The right to report the truth is justification in itself,” they said in a judgment which champions the principles of free speech.

Mr Rhodes, 40, was accompanied to court by his friend Benedict Cumberbatch, who went to Harrow with him as a teenager, and had the public backing of some of the best known actors, writers and playwrights in the English speaking world.

For full story?

Are you an Uber fan?

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May 17th, 2015

Are any Benedict fans interested in taking part in a short film for channel 4. The film is on the cult of the ‘Uber fan’ (A fan for who the person is a core part of their life) and the person making this short film wishes to speak to a Benedict fan. The fan needs to be UK based only, preferably London/South East England. If interested contact Paige at where she will contact you and give you more information.

Fans of 20th century German literature and Benedict Cumberbatch’s sonorous tones will be delighted to hear that actor is to read aloud Franz Kafka’s seminal Metamorphosis in its entirety.

His narration will be broadcast on BBC Radio 4 Extra today (11 May), but you can catch it on iPlayer thereafter.

The Metamorphosis, translated from Kafka’s original Die Verwandlung, is one of the 20th centuries most treasured works of fiction, telling the story of travelling salesman Gregor Samsa, who wakes one day to find himself transformed into a large insect.

More and more actors have been offering up their services for narrations, with Stephen Fry famously narrating the Harry Potter series and Bryan Cranston more recently voicing the children’s audiobook Go The F*** To Sleep.


Bafta is on tonight (Sunday, 10th May, 8PM, BBC 1). Benedict is not attending the awards.

The Guardian:

Sherlock star Benedict Cumberbatch will look to break his Bafta duck on Sunday with his fifth nomination at an awards that are likely to be dominated by crime drama.

Cumberbatch, who stars in the hit BBC1 series opposite Martin Freeman, has been nominated more times than anyone else in the main categories at tomorrow’s awards, including three times for Sherlock, but is yet to win one.

The awards, the most prestigious of the UK television year, have seen multiple nominations for a handful of grim but critically acclaimed crime dramas including Sally Wainwright’s Happy Valley and The Missing on BBC1, and Line of Duty on BBC2.


Laureus World Sports Awards appearance

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May 2nd, 2015

I have added HQ photos of Benedict’s appearance presenting the Laureus World Sports Awards to the gallery.

04 10 12 31

The Imitation Game HQ stills

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April 30th, 2015

I have replaced and added new HQ stills from The Imitation Game to the gallery.

06 07 10 11

Sherlocked reviews

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April 29th, 2015

Some press have reviewed the recent Sherlocked convention. I have quoted some parts from the Daily Mail and The Mirror. Click the links to read them in full. The Daily Mail seems to be rather negative especially when talking about fans and the prices. The Mirror is slightly better. I will be writing my own review in the next week.

For the 6,000 self-styled Cumberbitches and Cumberboys who have turned up here, however, it’s elementary.

Many are dressed as their favourite cast member and are happy to shell out up to £45 for a photo with Sherlock himself.

Some cough up almost £3,000 for a VIP pass and think nothing of paying £30 for a scrap of wallpaper from the show’s set.

Others happily spend £500 for a pair of signed Sherlock and John Watson action figures and see nothing wrong with forking out £15 for a tea towel.

But since many have journeyed from one of the 200 countries where Sherlock is now broadcast, money is no object.

The Mirror


Taking part in the photo sessions, Cumberbatch is charming and polite, lightly slipping an arm around everyone’s shoulders, smiling on cue.

The fans get about seven seconds each with him — just enough time to blurt out a starstruck hello or a suggestion for a pose.

‘Jazz hands? Finger point?’ he repeats, then sportingly complies.

Against the blue backdrop, everything about him is finely tailored, from the shape of his head to his approach to the job. He is very contained, even a little distant.

Yet when the photographs are printed, spewing out instantly from a machine in the Sherlocked studio, his star quality is evident.

The fans look dishevelled, gawky, ramshackle, homespun, whatever. He, on the other hand, looks brilliant in every single one, shimmering straight down the lens, imbuing the photo sausage factory with a bit of dignity.

Daily Mail

MG Ambassador video

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April 29th, 2015

Here is a short video of Benedict talking about being Ambassador to MG. The video is by MG Fan Update.

Sherlocked Convention photos

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April 27th, 2015

I have added a couple of fan photos of Benedict from the Sherlocked Convention. I will do a write up of it in a couple of days. Absolutely exhausted, but a fabulous weekend. Meeting all the cast members was a real treat.

If you met Ben at Sherlocked and you don’t mind showing off your photos either twit me @cumberbatcheduk or e-mail me.

Sherlocked Convention

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April 24th, 2015

From today 24th April the London Sherlocked Convention kicks off for the weekend. Check out the website for information.

Friday: Registration from 2pm. Event open 6pm – 8pm. Your chance to visit some of the event attractions at a more leisurely pace before dancing the night away at our party (8pm til late)*

Saturday: 9am to 6pm (Registration open from 8am)

Sunday: 9am to 6pm (Registration open from 8am)

*Party is included in Gold, Platinum and VIP packages

I will be in attendance over the whole weekend so I will try and get photos of Benedict and twit information and fun (Signal permitting). Please follow us @cumberbatcheduk.

Black Mass release first poster & trailer

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April 23rd, 2015

Black Mass starring Johnny Depp and Benedict has had its first poster and teaser trailer released. There is an official website and an official Twitter page for the film as well. You can watch the trailer here.


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